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Website Design

Bring your ideas and goals to the table, and we’ll bring our experience. This is “Customer Service Elevated” from a local  marketing company that genuinely cares about the results we provide you. 

Website Management

We’ll manage changes to your website including SEO, WordPress updates, posts and more. Our experts will take these  tasks off your hands so you can focus on the other aspects of your company.


Did you know that after a website is built, making changes to  your website is actually one of the best things you can do for your site’s  SEO on Google?

One of the great things about Table Rock Marketing is most  of our programs allow you to add content like photos, news and new  product announcements, blogs, new pages and many other types of  updates. Make sure to ask about our managed website programs.

Web Design that fits your budget
Team up with the Rogue Valley’s best web company.

The most rational way to have your  website vision come to fruition is for you to bring your ideas, concepts and needs to the table.

After scheduling an appointment, the first step is to meet with you to understand your priorities and business needs. Once we get to the core of your expectations, we’ll begin a website design based on our discussion.

Then we will continue to work with you throughout the building process to assure we can implement your website aspirations.

Working together makes this process more efficient to keep the cost of your website design within your company’s budget.

To find out more about website design costs, set up a free, no-obligation appointment with us and we’ll work with you to bring your concepts to life. 

Table Rock Marketing gives you choices when building your website. Need a more dynamic website with multiple features like a shopping cart or a fill-able form designed around your needs. We use top rated website platforms like WordPress and Wix.


We use WordPress on 90 percent of our sites to take advantage of the array of site design choices. Companies like Apple and Disney use WordPress and WordPress is the number one website design platform choice used in the world.

Wix is the company’s choice for an eCommerce site with a shopping cart. We choose Wix because you also get multiple website design choices at a reasonable price.

We can also help you get all your items uploaded to your new eCommerce website.


Websites To Fit Your Business

  • Video Backgrounds
  • Photo Galleries
  • Slide Show
  • Responsive
  • Dynamic Headlines
  • Scroll Effects
  • Logo Creation
  • Shopping Carts
  • Video Creation
  • Google Best Practices
  • Websites 1 to 100 Pages
  • Much More

These are some of the most popular website features. For a specific design of a website that you have in mind, just bring ideas and setup an appointment.

All eCommerce sites are considered custom and need to be designed and priced after a full evaluation of the time involved.

Local Design

Did you know that most website firms and website companies are completely virtual or run their website design out of the area and most out of the USA?

The customer service with those companies… is usually the same.  If you have ever talked with one of these companies customer service agents you’ll realize how hard it is to explain your needs.

Not with Table Rock Marketing. All our customer service, and design team is local to Southern Oregon and Northern Oregon.


Your Site Designed the Way You Need It

Get the website you want and our team will make the necessary updates needed to help your website perform properly. Most WordPress websites need to be updated to make sure they are working at their optimal.Plugins and themes are constantly evolving, these changes to the plugins and themes improve how each of the plugins and themes work individually, but can cause other plugins and themes from operating correctly. At Table Rock Marketing we have experimented with many themes and plugins and currently use themes and plugins developed by highly ranked companies. A managed website program also helps your website to always have the plugins and themes updated and managed to work optimally.

After you are satisfied with the look and feel of the site we will set it live and then you will have a management fee price, that is based on the amount of SEO you desire.  

Local Support

Do you want to talk to someone over the phone from India or Philippians? Almost all the emails and phone calls you get on a weekly basis are from a company outside the area and even worse they are most likely a foreign company.

During the sales process you might get someone that speaks your language, but once it goes live, try getting those important changes done!

You can rest assured with Table Rock Marketing, you will have local help all the way through the sales process. We build, design, add the writing content, and followup right here in the Rogue Valley. Then after the launch of your site, we are still here or there to give you that local customer service support.

So when you need those changes to your website, like new photos or content we will still be doing all our customer service locally.


Did you know a website without updates is like a website of an OUT of BUSINESS to Google.

Your website is a gateway that allows search engines easy access to all companies with websites health. Google in a way, can easily calculate every business’ well-being that has a website.

Making monthly or quarterly updates tells those search engines you are a sound business.

Table Rock Marketing’s website management programs are affordable and include updates, changes, new content, like blogs, photos, videos, galleries, products, pages that can share new services or just communicate to your audience with specials, events and ideas that help them coming back to your website and buying your goods and services.


On-line Listings

Claiming profiles like Google My Business, Yelp and many more so your business looks more relevant. Did you know that local profile optimization will help your company’s website perform better on search engines? This is done by developing listing integrity, when all the major aggregator sites have the same business listing information, your website will look even more credible.

Every aggregator listing-profile that has your website link provides your website with an increased authority. The two most important listing profiles are Google My Business and Yelp. Google My Business, because Google is the most used search engine and Yelp is also important, because so many other sites and even aggregators use Yelp, some big sites include Bing and Yahoo!

We can also claim profiles like Google My Business, Yelp and many more so your business looks even more relevant to the search engines.

Consider How People Search
BLOG Management

Too many small businesses don’t take advantage of adding a blog page to their website. A blog page provides additional information to your website that you want to share, but might be hard to categorize. If you would like a blog we can add it. If you need help adding the content, we can do that or if you want our team to source the content we can do that with a management program.

Table Rock Marketing has many years providing excellent SEO and website design services right here in the Rogue Valley.


Managed Websites

Management insures you will always look positively by Google and search. Have the comfort of knowing that you will work with the same local people on any website updates, changes or other need or question you might have.

Be a Proactive Business

With Table Rock Marketing you can either provide us with the new content or add the feature of SEO or social media marketing to your website program to keep your website ahead of Google’s algorithms. Having a company that will do the content management for you, can help you stay focused on satisfying your customers.

Table Rock Marketing has a program that fits your financial plan and your requirements. Get a FREE estimate today!

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Our websites are responsive and look great on all devices

Mobile Search

A study by comScore shows that consumers are using multiple platforms (smart phones, mobile tablets like iPad, and regular computers) while they search. A 2019 study shows 58% of websites were reached from a mobile device. 

According to the Harris Poll study, consumers visit three sites on average before making a purchase and poor website performance causes the consumer to go to the competition.

What makes a good web design?

There are two specific areas that you need to consider for your website or any other online presence, like a blog and social.

The Consumers
  1. The website can have everything a person might ever need, but if the website is hard to navigate, then you will never make a sale.
  2. The design must be pleasant and easy to read.
  3. Keep paragraphs short and precise.
  4. Add photos (a photo is worth a thousand words), since visitors are extremely impatient and usually just scan the site to see if it has what they want.
  5. Credibility is huge (try to use Google reviews throughout the website), if others like you, chances are the visitor on your site might also.
  6. Make it as easy as possible for visitors to know what you sell or how you can help.
  7. Other types of messages like FREE, DISCOUNT and SANCTIFICATION GUARANTEED.
  8. Always get to the point.
  9. Add motion like an image slider, dynamic headlines, have the text move over the image or a video that is short and to the point.
  10. If you want their business, let them know it, by asking for it.
  11. A website design that has room to breathe is a breath of fresh air.
The Search Engines
  1. Use Google recommended SEO
  2. Don’t over use keywords
  3. Add links that help the consumer understand what you are relating to, even if most visitors won’t ever follow the link.
  4. Google loves factual content, so write informative content about the products that you sell or the services that you do.
  5. Have separate pages for key items you want to get found online or each of the services that you want to get seen online for.
  6. Add social links and do some social posting that helps the customers of your products or services.
  7. Get your customers to write positive reviews on Google and Yelp.
  8. Add code to your images. This code is refered to as alt tags.
  9. Add videos that help people understand your products or services.
  10. Have a BLOG page and use it.
  11. Use links to help users to find their most relevant services or items.
  12. You must have a mobile design.
  13. Your website needs to be https:// secure.
  14. Make sure your website is speed optimized. You can find out by using Google’s website speed testing tools.
  15. Make sure you have no broken links or pages.

There are even more, but if your website is using these recommendations your website will probably get decent conversions and some first page visibility. Keep up the good work!

If you would like to experience even more visitors and more conversions, then it is a good time to talk to the experts at Table Rock Marketing.

Their team understands the Google algorithms and follows Google’s search engine optimization best practices.

It should be your main objective to get these website fundamentals implemented on your website if you want to acquire even more visitors. Table Rock Marketing knows how to help your website to move even higher in the search rankings.

Table Rock Marketing Sites Rank

Most of the websites managed by Table Rock Marketing are on the first page for Google search. Many of these websites are there for multiple keywords and some are at the top of search on Google for many keywords.

The best part about working with Table Rock Marketing is their customer service “Customer Service Elevated”, We’re here in Southern Oregon and will travel to Northern California to help our customers.

With all the advantages of our site design, search engine optimization and building your website around your needs and Google’s SEO best practices, you can’t go wrong with Table Rock Marketing.

Our cost on the website design is very reasonable too.

So don’t hesitate to call and set up your appointment!