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The Influence of Web Design and Its Critical Role to Web Development – 2021

What is a Website Without Design?

Web Design

Web design and web development go together somewhat like a car. The motor and tires (Web Development), they make the site run. Then you have your body and all the cosmetics that make it look nice (Web Design). Put these together and your site is ready to hit the road for SEO.

2020 is in the rear mirror so it is more important than ever to have a solid design set forward for 2021 and beyond. 

Designing is Imperative

Web Designers focus on making the site visually appealing, easy to read, user friendly, and straightforward. Imagine what a website would look like if it had no design involved, it would be a plain white background, very little choice of fonts, no animated GIFs, graphics, or videos.

Web Design

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Design is just as important as the developmental coding of a website. People love suave, sexy, unique styles, but most of all a simple design is the most effective approach. A simple design can be suave and sexy if done right. When you throw too many graphics, different fonts, and random images it will most likely distract the viewer and overwhelm them to leave.  

Google has a simple dynamic design for its webpage that is straight forward. The user knows exactly what to do, and can associate the name to the webpage. Apple is another prime example of having a unique, but simple website design. They each have a style, color scheme, and a logo that is consistent. 

Web design

Web design starts with you and your creativity. Feel out the design by trusting your heart. Learning about design and its methods to capture the attention of people is really an important tool. When you create something that makes you say – “Wow!”, it creates confidence in your work. This will show as you build on it more.

Clients want specific things done , but may not have a clear idea of how that looks. A great designer will take the initiative in giving them more than one option. From there you will have to meet in the middle.

Planning is critical. Create a foundation to work off and make a list of goals to accomplish. Every once in a while the first design is a home run, but that is not something to rely on. Most of the time the design has to be reworked several times before it is finished. 

Web Design

Table Rock Marketing is an experienced website developer and designer. The design process comes from listening to the clients needs and wants. Then Table Rock Marketing goes to work developing a sound website.


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