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Never Underestimate the Power of Internal Linking – 2021

Internal Linking

Internal Linking is an essential SEO tactic that will help make your website stronger as a whole and Google loves that. As an effect stringing content to all the pages within a website will make it easy for any search engine to access. 

For instance any missing links will be unrecognizable to a Google – “Spider”, and so consequently they will be overlooked because of the missing internal web-link. Above all each page needs to have a clickable keyword that will be linked back to the home-page, sub-pages, and sub-content.

Internal Linking Blog

Link it together

What is an Internal Link? – Hyperlinks that are domain specific. How it works it is a way to get people to click on a word that has a link to another page.  For example: When having a blog about a specific topic and there is another page about that topic, it would be useful to add an Internal Link within the context.

Clicking on the blue text (Link) will send you to that specific page, and viola your internal linking is paving the road to see more of the website.

Who uses the Internal Linking?Google uses it to find all your keyword content and pages. That is to say people use it to read more about a topic. Web developers use it to satisfy both Google and the Users  together, in hopes it reaches more of an audience subsequently.

How does it help? – Like a chain your website is only as strong as the weakest link. If the blog does not have an internal link it will have an unresponsive way to reaching Google’s, “Spider”.

Where does it go? – Internal Linking is put in strategically when creating content. Sometimes it is attached to a video, photo, added as a separate link, or directly embedded in the text or sub-text.

When should Internal Linking go on the website? – Those links need to be on sooner than later. Time is critical for information to be seen. When the internal linking is broken the connection to new user clicks and views is diminished.

Why is it important? – The importance of it is to make your website concrete and connected. When all the pages are being shared with each other it helps direct users to search more into the website. Links embedded into the text keywords are conveniently clickable.

Internal Linking

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