Content Search Engine Optimization

On-Page Search Engine Optimization – The Powerful Impact of Keywords -2021

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is designed to improve your search visibility for the almighty Google. If you are ever wondering why a company is listed at the top of page one in Google’s search engine site, it is because they invested a lot of time and work into creating content that has specific keywords, backlinks, blog posts, and much more.

It won’t happen over night, but adding a little bit of content each week will eventually get the webpage up and off to a start. As a result it will give you more chances of bringing in new business. Having a solid website with proper key-wording and content management will allow you to be recognized easier.

Key Word Search Engine Optimization

When creating a post with keywords associated to them, it is important to develop goals that have precise assessments of the underlying issues. Stick to the point and have it relevant. Every page, headline, meta-data, blog content, and so forth needs to be focused on how Google will direct the viewers associated to their search and the keywords within the search engine. 

Therefore it needs to be fluid, concise, fun and easy to read. 

Let’s look at a few things to consider when optimizing your website for better rankings among Google.

Technical Optimization

  • Server speed
  • Source code
  • IP Addresses

Serach Engine Optimization Technical


  • Text/Fonts
  • Meta Tagging
  • Picture
  • Structured text and its elements
  • Graphics
  • Videos

Content Search Engine Optimization

Internal Links and Structure

Internal Linking Search Engine Optimization Internal links


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Search Engine Optimization Design

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