Important Keywords will Make a World-Wide-Web of a Difference for You – 2021

What is a Keyword?

According to Oxford Dictionary, a Keyword is a noun and is defined as a word or concept of great significance.

"Content and Blogs are the keywords this search engine is looking for"
  • a word that acts as the key to a cipher or code.
  • an informative word used in an information retrieval system to indicate the content of a document.


Keywords are bold and stand out within a snippet of information about your website. If you want to boost your blog and receive more viewers, then use a keyword that relates to the information you are blogging about.

For example if you own a nursery and want to give people information about certain plants or trees you would want to write a blog or have a web page dedicated to that information. Once you have your content written it is time to find the keywords you want to use for search engine optimization.

Be as specific as you can. Don’t use the keyword “tree” for a blog when it is about Pine trees. Instead, use “Pine trees” for the keyword as opposed to the other. This way your audience is targeted to the information about Pine trees, and as a result the content starts to surface to the top of Google’s page ranking. Therefore it gives the site more traffic for clicking and a higher chance of receiving business.


Those tags that target the audience should be within everything of your page. This includes the title, headings, text of content, alt-tags, and snippets. In addition it is critical to add the keyword tags to the metadata of the photos, GIFs, and video. 

It is important to make sure you keyword appropriately to each page of your site. Avoid using the same keyword on other pages as a result it will cause a negative result to your SEO ranking.

Google will have to try and decide which keyword to allow, therefore giving it more than one option causes a delay in its thinking. As a result it will automatically discard one of the pages associated with the keyword and use the other instead. This then leaves the other page hidden where no one will be able to find. It is critical to have each content given a special keyword.

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