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Do you constantly get called by companies claiming to work for Google Online Listings? Most of these companies are from over seas and many others are no where near us here in Southern Oregon. Table Rock Marketing will talk to you in person so you know who you are doing business with…


Google Profile & Local Listings

Managing your Google profile and Yelp profile will help most searchers to have the most up to date information on your company because when you search it is most likely on Google, Yahoo or Bing.


Google My Business Profile

Google My Business. If you want the most out of your profile you should complete the Google profile completely. Make sure you have a website attached and that all the products or services that are the most important are identified on both the site and the profile.


Get even more out of your Google and Yelp profiles by having them managed. Add images, video, promos and much more to help your profile work at its best. Trust us to help. 

Profile Management

There is a lot to Google & Yelp. We recommend that you have a management plan in place if you want the most from what you can get from these profiles.

Google and Yelp Profile Construction

Trust a local company with your Google profile construction. Making sure your online listings are correct is very important, because it helps make sure when someone finds you online, that they get the most current and correct information.


Providing Google & Yelp Profile Management

You can get great Google & Yelp profile management service through Table Rock Marketing for the same price you would pay other listing management companies and you can have the initial updates done at no extra cost.


Yahoo, Bing and many other small search engines rely on Yelp for reviews and other listings information important to your company.

Machine learning and your marketing