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Website Fonts, Colors, and Understanding Their Strong Relationship Together – 2021

Fonts and Colors – These two categories are important to understand when designing a website. They both have an impact on how your reader perceives you. Therefore understanding the psychology behind these two will help you understand how to create your website by utilizing fonts, color and their design.



First up is the font.

Did you know there are over a half a million fonts created? That is more than what is needed here. There are really only 5 main fonts you should consider for your text in your webpages.

Serif – A traditional type font that has small strokes and a clean finish look. It is easy on the eyes to read.

Sans Serif – A take from the traditional serif, but without the fancy decorative finish strokes. It is also the best font for text on digital  screens with white backgrounds.

Slab Serif – A take off of the ol’ serif font family. This font is more block-like and would be a great font for headings or bold statements. This is easy to read and speaks volumes.

Script –  Script is your fancy type font. It is used as a cursive type or a decorative style with loops and long tails. It is great to have sparingly in your text, Mostly used for headings, quotes, signatures, and specialty words.

Decorative – Likewise of the script font, Decorative fonts have specific meanings to them. This type is considered fun and engaging. There are many different kinds of decorative fonts. When they are used it is making a loud or comical statement or helps emphasize the graphics or logos.

Every font has a unique personality and purpose. These five are just the scratch of the surface in the land of fonts. Take the time and try as many as you can. You will have a feel for which kind and the style it comes with once you play around. Then try and match your font to the personality of your business identity.



Next up is your color theme. For many, the color choices for their website will match the colors associated with their business logo. This is a great way to brand yourself.

A great example of using the same color from a logo would be the famous fast food restaurant Mcdonalds. They have a very distinct set of colors, red, yellow, and white. Their website has the same red, yellow, and white colors on their website as they do in all their stores and billboards. It is intentional because the consumer understands that those colors are the same as Mcdonalds, therefore it is relatable and inviting.

Sometimes a company will have no or very few colors in their logo, but could still have a set of select colors for their website. Different colors have different effects on our brain. When we use them correctly it achieves an emotion. Now it is important to know what each color does and how it changes our mood.

Let’s dive into a little color theory –


                                                                     -Warm Colors-

Red- Angry, hot, warm, hungry, passionate, and energized. 

Use red to help draw attention to design.

Red and green complement each other well.

Pink- playful, tender, loving, cute, and soft feeling

Use light pink to display feminism, loving, fun, and affection. Use hot pink for spontaneous and energetic feelings.

Orange- Uplifting, vitality, happiness, fun, powerful but not as much as red.

Use orange for call to action on selling information or a product.

Orange and blue complement each other well.

Yellow- bright, uplifting, happy, warm, strong, and spontaneous

Use yellow to help draw energetic feelings from your design. It is to be used sparingly like red. It can be overwhelming if there is too much for the eyes to handle.

Yellow and purple complement each other well.


                                                                  -Cool Colors-

Green – (Cool and Warm color) refreshed, security, wealth, natural and calming.

Use Green to show growth, security, and inspiring possibility. 

Blue – calming, relaxed, safe, and friendly feel

Use blue to help calm the eyes to make the viewer comfortable and feel at ease.

Purple – creativity, wealth, mysterious, calming and exciting

Use light purple for calming and soothing effect, as opposed to darker purples it will be more dramatic, exciting, creative, and gives off a luxurious feeling when you add yellow to compliment.

Neutral Colors Palette


Brown- earthly, natural, old fashioned, rustic, and neutral feelings.

Use brown to establish comfort, calming, real, and natural feelings. Brown has a way of making you feel warm, practical, and friendly. Light browns will feel warmer as dark browns will feel cooler.

Fun fact: Brown is a mixture of all the primary colors red, yellow, and blue. White is added for tinting and black is added for shading

Black- Mysterious, classical, modern, serious, and sleek.

Technological designs tend to have the color black as a background and helps emphasize other colors. Its mysterious vibe gives the viewer an interest in what is behind the closed door. 

Gray- Neutral, mature, political, old, and independent.

Gray is used as a neutral color. It can help enhance other colors.

White– Simple, elegant, minimalist, easy, and neutral.  

White can give a simple and easy feel to your website. It is minimal, comforting, easy to adapt to, and refreshing.

Font Types and Color choices can really make an impact on your website. Find what works for you and see if others like it


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