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3 Simple Aspects to Digital Marketing as a Small Business – 2021

Digital Marketing

Give your small business a face in the community by focusing on 3 simple aspects of digital marketing for local and national customers.


digital market small business medford Oregon

Your number one priority is to focus on creating an attractive website. It is essential for anyone who wants to find success in todays competitive market. If you have no idea where to start try your local website designer they are a local business too. With that in mind all small businesses need a website regardless of how tiny you may be. Know this, having a website will make you big. It will grow your sales, following, and your image. As you may see today’s world of shopping and doing business is through digital marketing. With that being said it is absolutely important for you to have an on-line presence.

Your website should have at minimum the following pages –

  • Home Page
    • Information about your business
      • Who you are and what service you provide
      • Main products to sell
      • Directory to other pages
  • Products or Service Page(s)
    • Information about the product and services
      • General information 
      • Pricing
      • Guarantees
      • Services
      • Product
  • About Page
    • More personalized information about who you are
      • History of when started
      • Talk about the path you took to get where you are today
      • Current and past project
      • Awards or achievements 
  • Content Page
    • Blogs, Vlogs, and Social Media content
      • Blogs and Vlogs pertaining to the industry you are in
      • Social Media advertising
      • Outside links

So let’s break it down shall we.

You need a website.

Your goal is to create an inviting digital store where people feel informed and curious about your services. It allows them to know your identity and gets them to see who you are. In addition, the feeling of your site is established by your logo, color scheme, user interface (UI), contents, and overall design.

Now is the time to focus on local search engine optimization.

Local SEO

Now we have your hub up and running. Time to get your website to appear more upon the people looking into the services or products you provide. SEO stands for, Search Engine Optimization, it is essentially an algorithm inside the search engine of Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc. and within that algorithm are keywords that people tend to use more often than other keywords. As a result the search engine picks up on these keywords and directs them to the viewers.

For example: If you are a plumber wanting to target people in your local area a good keyword would be, “local plumber”. This would be associated within the content of your webpage, and in result the search engine will place you based on your organic search. Your goal is to be the featured spot on page one of the search engine.

  How can we do this?

  1. Have a solid website design and UI
  2. Create content with keywords often and use variety
  3. Implement internal and external links
  4. Invest in Local Advertisement
  5. Connect all Social Media and marketing platforms

The best way to get your local search engine optimized organically is by creating entertaining and informal content. Then share it amongst all the social media and marketing platforms that you have. Therefore people will start to view and share it within their group. In reward you will receive organic views on your site.

Content Creation and Management

Digital Market Medford Oregon Smal Business

Create, create, create, manage and repeat. Content needs to be created for the sake of your viewers, either new or repeating. In fact creating content really helps solidify your website and gives it a character that is needed. Blogs, vlogs, pictures, GIFs, animations, and so forth really attract people.

When creating content it is important to be consistent. Have a monthly plan to get out “X” amount of relatable content as needed. Meanwhile each content has to be unique, informal, entertaining, relative, and linked to each other in some way. This is a lot of work because it also has to be managed routinely.

For every new content you put up you have to go back and link your post to other internal and external links and the keywords have to be strategically used within the content. It is important to not use multiple posts with the same keyword. It is a negative result to your SEO ratings, essentially this means one keyword will be used for one post, Google will not associate the keyword to all the posts.

This creates a problem because the other posts that they are in are not visible to any search engines. Consequently they lose out on being seen ultimately keeping your whole website from being on page one.  To avoid this give each post of content its own keyword.

So there you have it. Create a website that stands out above the rest, find out which keywords best fits your business, and create content that is informative. These are the three main digital marketing areas to focus on.

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Local SEO is our specialty. At Table Rock Marketing we pride ourselves in creating superb marketing content that reaches the Medford, Oregon  community and beyond. Small business to big, let our SEO professional services help increase your Google rankings and click rate. Building business relationships through customer service in Medford, Oregon has been the main focus throughout our marketing careers. Our endeavor is to give you an outstanding experience.  Only then can we anticipate the good fortunes that come with work well done. The highest of all compliments; recommending Table Rock Marketing to friends and other business relationships.

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