Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing – The Force is Strong with the Cloud for Small Businesses – 2021

Cloud Computing

Hey small businesses look up here! I am in the cloud and you may want to be too. Why not elevate your business to cloud computing? 

Cloud Computing?

What a name.

Essentially it is a revolutionary way of how people do business around the globe and locally. The internet today is so fast and easy to access it makes cloud computing easier than when it first started up in the late 1960’s. MIT broke ground on how we could link our computers and use them in conjunction. Ladies and gentlemen, they opened Pandora’s box to cloud computing which brought us here today.

Take Amazon for an example, they have led the way with cloud based computing to streaming and internet shopping. Google then introduced cloud based document sharing, in which I am using to write this blog. My information is constantly being saved and updated through their cloud service. Above all it is easy for me to come back to where I left off last. The other plus side is I can invite anyone to read, share, or edit the documents.

What are the benefits to cloud computing?

  • 5G is here and cloud computing can now run faster than ever, like real fast.
  • Change is always needed and more businesses are shifting to cloud computing.
  •  There are three ways to go- Private, Public, or Hybrid Cloud
  • Great for streamlining data to multiple areas across the nation and beyond.
  • Share, edit, and disclose information with multiple people in a matter of seconds.

Now you have a sense of what cloud computing is, let’s dive a little into what other sources say about each type of cloud computing you need.


  • Private
    • “Private clouds rely on a handful of various technologies, but understanding how virtualization works is the key to understanding how private clouds work. A private cloud uses virtualization technology to combine resources sourced from physical hardware into shared pools.This way, the cloud doesn’t have to create environments by virtualizing resources one at a time from a bunch of different physical systems. A scripted IT process can just grab all those resources from a single source—like a data supermarket.” –

Therefore it basically means a more personalized system developed by an IT group funded within the small business realm.

  • Public
    • “A public cloud is a type of computing in which a service provider makes resources available to the public via the internet. Resources vary by provider but may include storage capabilities, applications or virtual machines. Public cloud allows for scalability and resource sharing that would not otherwise be possible for a single organization to achieve.” –

As opposed to private, the public is a more sophisticated developed cloud system that provides the services with resources.

  • Hybrid
    • “Hybrid cloud integrates public cloud services, private cloud services and on-premises infrastructure and provides orchestration, management and application portability across all three. The result is a single, unified and flexible distributed computing environment where an organization can run and scale its traditional or cloud-native workloads on the most appropriate computing model.” –

Essentially interlocking both private and public clouds.

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