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Website Design

Google Ads

Websites, Search and Digital Marketing

Google serves internet users the most relevant information based off the keywords (keywords can be one word like service or multiple words like digital marketing service in medford oregon) they use in each search query.

When you choose a website design company, choose one that can build your website so that the search engines understand what it is you want to be found for.

Making sure Google finds your website relevant for the keywords important to you is what Table Rock Marketing can do for you.

  1. One of the best things you can do for your website is to follow Google’s best practices for SEO (search engine optimization).
  2. You must consider what your websites code looks like META, ALT, H1, H2, H3 and other code is what the search engines consider to help them serve up quick and reliable and accurate information.
  3. Consider services or products you most profit from and want to be found for.
  4. SEO is very involved and should be left to experts.
  5. You should also consider SEM (search engine marketing) since the majority of search is on mobile devices. Google suggests that AdWords get three times as many clicks on cell phone search over traditional computer search.

Table Rock Marketing is in the Rogue Valley and service all of Southern Oregon and Northern California with outstanding digital marketing. Call and find out customer service should be or fill out the form below today!

Digital Experts

Set up a no obligation appointment to find out more of what can be done to help you have more visitors to your website and opportunity from search, whether it is from Google, Instagram, Facebook, or any other online source.

Social Marketing on Facebook & Instagram

If you are looking improve your opportunity on Facebook and/ or Instagram look no further, Table Rock Marketing can help you with capturing the right audience that will convert into more customers.

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How to Market in the Digital Space

Digital marketing is something most people now see on a daily basis, whether it is from Google search, social like Facebook, emails that you call junk-mail, ads that are on your email server or those that come up on other sites while you are catching up on the news or other interest, but when it comes to understanding how it can help you and your company you are left in the clouds. 

Do you feel you have a clear understanding of how to market your business, digitally? If you are like most business owners you would probably agree not enough. So you could take time away from what you do best or hire experts in digital marketing. Wouldn’t that get you better results from your marketing and also utilize manpower where it is best served.

When you need something like a new tool or a service at home, how do you decide where to go or who to call?

How would you decide which tool or company if after searching you still had two, three or more good choices? 

Another question is how do you get interested in a new product or service you were not quite familiar with? All of these questions can determine what type of marketing you should incorporate when you develop your digital marketing strategy.

Give Table Rock Marketing a call for a no-obligation appointment to find out what would be the best strategy on your budget large or small. Even on very small budgets.

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