Digital Marketing Services

  • Website Design and Management
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Search  Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Management 
  • Online Review Management
  • Company Marketing Management
  • Google Profile Building & Management
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Listings Management
  • And More…

Digital Marketing Services


  • Website Design and Management
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Search  Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Management 
  • Online Review Management
  • Company Marketing Management
  • Google Profile Building & Management
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Listings Management
  • And More.

Websites, Search and Digital Marketing


Google serves internet users the most relevant information based off the keywords (keywords can be one word like service or multiple words like digital marketing service in Medford Oregon) they use in each search query.

When you choose a website design company, choose one that can build your website so that the search engines understand what it is you want to be found for.

Making sure Google finds your website relevant for the keywords is important to you. Table Rock Marketing is Southern Oregon’s and Northern California’s digital marketing experts.

Efficient Digital Marketing

Set up a no obligation appointment to find out more of what can be done to help you have more visitors to your website. Table Rock Marketing knows how to design a website and wants to help your website get more opportunities from a digital marketing strategy that can include, a new website design, search engine optimization, social media, listing management, and Google ads. Get a digital marketing strategy that fits your budget and remember to bring your website design ideas.

Table Rock Marketing understands the design of a website is important to help visitors to make a purchase or make a call.

The cost of website design is determined on the amount of content that is put into the build of any website. The amount of research on the part of the designer can also be a big factor.

The cost of a website design with Table Rock Marketing is very competitive.

Social Marketing on Facebook & Instagram

If you are looking improve your opportunity on Facebook and/ or Instagram look no further, Table Rock Marketing can help you with capturing the right audience that will convert into more customers.

How to Market in the Digital Space

Digital marketing is something most people now see on a daily basis, Google search, social like Facebook, and ads on your email home page and other websites to name just a few.

Do you feel you have a clear understanding of how to market your business, digitally? If you would like experts in digital marketing, call us today.

If you are ready to start marketing your website. Table Rock Marketing will help you develop a powerful digital marketing strategy.

Give us a call for a no-obligation appointment to find out what would be the best strategy on your budget large or small. Even on very small budgets.

Table Rock Marketing


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75% of people say their smartphones help them to be more productive

Understanding How Google Ranks Websites


Page Rank

PageRank (PR) is one of Google’s terms used to determine a website’s authority and placement for any given search term. PR ranks web pages in Google’s search engine results.

Crawling Websites

Search engines crawl sites with automated programs to gather information.



Then search engines examine the text, images, and video files on websites, and indexing the information in a large database.

Google’s algorithms help deliver super relevant web pages based off what someone types in when they make a search query on the internet.


Panda algorithm is designed to penelize websites with lower quality sites reducing those websites rankings in search resluts.

Google is looking for sites with original content and information.


Penguin algorithm was designed to monitor the over use of keywords as many sites were using to create authority by the stuffing of keywords.

The Penguin update also monitored websites that engaged in manipulative link schemes.


The Hummingbird algorithm was designed to revolutionize search by changing results based on the words entered for the search to add intent



Google Pigeon algorithm provides preference to the local search results intent.

Google pigeon has location and distance as the key part of the search strategy.



Let’s start with Mobilegeddon. Mobilegeddon is based on the move to mobile phone search. When it was realized that mobile search was going to surpass search done from a PC, Google’s response was Mobilegeddon on April 15th 2015.


The Quality algorithm from May 2015 demoted websites with low-quality content.



In 2004 Google announced the Florida algorithm and shut many businesses when it was released. The Florida algorithm was designed to discredit the use of irrelevant linking to and from websites.


The Jagger algorithm was designed to target link building that is unrelated to the websites content and duplicate content found on other sources.


Exact Match Domain

The EMD algorithm was designed to help not see relevance of the domain name, especially websites that were poorly built. The intention is to keep searchers from clicking on a website that would give them a poor experience.

There are plenty more important updates that Google has made and will make as the internet continues to evolve. Keeping your website look trustworthy is very important with all the changes that Google has already made and definitely will be even more updates that Google identifies to improve consumer experience.

Web Design Service

Customer service is what Table Rock Marketing built the company on.

From the time you first make contact to set up an appointment we hope you feel the service, but it is not really considered customer service to Table Rock Marketing until after the website is built and goes live. It is then when you know if you have the finest customer service or if the company is hard to communicate with.

Almost every website company, after the website goes live is hard to get a hold of. They don’t return calls or emails, hoping that you will get busy and forget about the issue or just fail to remember adding new updates to your site.

The motto and Mission Statement can be summed up with our slogan: “Customer Service Elevated”.

Digital Marketing Reviews

You will get the best website design from Table Rock Marketing!

The team at Table Rock Marketing is always working hard to satisfy each and every customer and many of them have done business with the owners for twenty to thirty years with Table Rock Marketing and at other media companies before the company was founded.

Great service, great design, great marketing options, all at a great price!